The Teacher (2016)

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The Teacher (2016) full movie

IMDB rating: 7.4

Stars: Zuzana Mauréry, Zuzana Konecná, Csongor Kassai

Directors: Jan Hrebejk

Production companies:

Genre: Comedy, Drama

Countries: United States

Release date: 30 August 2017 (USA)

Duration: 102 minutes


Plot of The Teacher (2016):

The film is set in 1983. Maria Drazdechova turns into an instructor at one rural school close Bratislava. She begins to utilize her position to extort guardians of her understudies to get profits by them. Understudies whose guardians defy are tormented and are given awful evaluations. Dean of school is hesitant to mediate as Drazdechova is a Chairperson of nearby Communist Party. One of Drazdechova’s understudies confers a suicide endeavor because of Drazdechova’s harassing. This influences the school Principal to call the understudies’ folks for a meeting about the request of to expel Drazdechova from school. There are stood up to guardians whose youngsters were harassed and guardians who bolster Drazdechova. The vast majority of the guardians fear Drazdechova’s associations and would prefer not to sign. The meeting is disbanded as just three families sign. It appears that Drazdechova won, yet a few families at that point alter their opinion and begin to come back to sign the request. This outcomes in Drazdechova being expelled from school.

In 1991, two years after Velvet Revolution Drazdechova turns into an instructor indeed. The film finishes up with a similar scene which it began – Drazdechova gets some information about their folks’ employments. The main distinction is that a representation on a divider is of Václav Havel, not Gustáv Husák.

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